Personal Alarms

What plan do you have to protect yourself when you face a dangerous situation? If you don't have an answer, now's the time to think about it. People never think something will happen to them until it does. Doesn't it make sense to prepare yourself ahead of time?

Whether you are driving a vehicle, walking down the street, or trying to keep track of your child in a crowd of people, we have a personal alarm for you. Our alarms work for people who want to carry them and for those who would prefer to wear them. We will meet your personal safety needs no matter what they are.

Don't make the mistake of wishing you had a one when you need one. It's possible that you'll go your entire life without being the victim of an attack, but what if you aren't so lucky? You need a way to protect yourself. Carrying a personal alarm will give you the confidence you need to deal with potential threats.


  • Multiple styles
  • Affordable pricing
  • Various loudness options
  • Applicability to your needs

If you have any questions about which model is right for you, please reach out to our helpful team. We understand the safety and security industry and are happy to share our knowledge with our customers. Selecting the appropriate personal alarm means you are more likely to use it!

Order one of our alarms today. We take your safety as seriously as you do. We also believe that you should be exceptionally satisfied with the one you choose.

Designed to bring attention to your situation if you are in trouble, these will give you the extra signaling ability to get yourself assistance.