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Everyone has experienced drowsiness while driving. Some of us have actually fallen asleep only to be awakened by the blaring horn of an oncoming car.

Avoid this potential tragedy by wearing the Nap Zapper on your ear. If your head should nod, an alarm with go off, waking you and any sleeping passengers in the vehicle.

Uses one 6 volt alkaline battery (included).

Driver Sleep Alarm

Do you drive long distances? Are you worried about falling asleep while you are driving? Have you always dreamed of a way to ensure that you don't nod off while behind the wheel? Our anti sleep driver alarm is the answer! Rather than rousing you when you cross into another lane by a blaring horn, our alarm will alert you as soon as your head nods. Talk about safe driving!

The National Highway Safety estimates that 1 in 25 drivers fall asleep at the wheel each month. Drowsy driving is responsible for approximately 72,000 traffic accidents annually. Drowsy driving has many causes: not getting enough sleep, sleep disorders, medications, work, and driving for too many hours. If you are blinking frequently, yawning, do not remember driving the last few miles or begin drifting from your lane, you are too drowsy to drive. If you experience any of these symptoms, you need to pull over and take a nap or change drivers. Our driver alarm is another great way to alert you if you are beginning to nod off.

Our driver alarm works by tracking the movements of your head. If your head nods forward, the movement sensors will cause the alarm to emit a loud sound which will wake you and your passengers up. Our anti-sleep driver alarm is comfortable and will help keep you safe on the road.

How Does Our Driver Alarm Work?

To use our driver alarm, attach the device to your ear. Its electronic position sensor tracks your head movements. Should you nod off, the alarm will sound. Not only is our driver alarm perfect to ensure you are driving safely, but those who must remain alert on the job like machine operators and security guards can also use it. The Nap Alarm device comes equipped with 3 AG13 alkaline button cell batteries.

Our anti sleep alarm for drivers will keep you safe and alert when operating heavy machinery, while you are driving or anytime you need to remain alert. The device features:

  • A simple clipping device that fits comfortably over your ear
  • Comes equipped with 3 AG13 alkaline button cell batteries
  • Loud alarm to wake you up if you begin nodding off
  • Electronic position sensor
  • Perfect for drivers, machine operators, and security guards

Stay alert and don't get hurt! Our driver alarm will alert you should you begin nodding off. Our anti-sleep driver device will instantly wake you up. This device is perfect for those who work late shifts, have difficulty staying awake or drive long distances. In addition to this, students who are cramming for finals can benefit from our driver alarm.

Anti Sleep Alarm for Drivers

If you are planning a vacation with your family that involves driving long distances, you know how boring the drive can be, which can leave you feeling drowsy. You need to prepare yourself and have a way to prevent drowsy driving. One of the best ways to do this is with our driver alarm. Our device will keep you and your family safe while driving long distances.

Many people worry about flying due to terrorism threats and plane crashes. However, more people get injured or die each year due to automobile accidents. One of the primary causes of car crashes is falling asleep at the wheel. Our driver alarm is the best anti-sleep driving alarm on the market. It fits comfortably on your ear and detects movement. If your head begins tilting forward, the earpiece will sound a loud alarm to wake you up.

If you work long hours, suffer from a sleep condition or will be driving for an extended period of time, you need the driver alarm. This device is so comfortable that you will find yourself wearing it daily. The sleek design features rounded edges to prevent chaffing and irritation. Our driver alarm fits all ear sizes, which means you need not worry about it falling off and not doing its job.

Stop risking your life, your family's life and other drivers on the road. With our driver alarm, you can feel confident that you will remain awake. Should the alarm sound, pull over, take a nap or switch drivers. Order today and stay safe on the road.

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