Baton Weapons

Our self defense weapons line of products consist of telescopic steel batons, kubotans and tonfas.

Telescopic steel batons:These batons offer extended reach in a compact size. Telescopic batons are made of solid steel and available in 16 inch, 21 inch and 26 inch. The batons are collapsed until flicked with your wrist to extend them.

Kubotans: Kubotans are a very popular martial arts weapon; they are used for stabilizing your wrist, applying pressure to sensitive areas of your assailant's body and for gaining leverage on an assailant's wrist or finger. A kubotan is made of aluminum and available in 4 different colors and in flat or pointed models.

Telescopic Steel Baton


Retractable Steel Baton These solid steel batons expand to either 16, 21, or 26 inches with just a flick of the wrist. Comes with a padded covered... More



Kubotans are highly accessible, extremely durable, effective self defense weapons. They can be used for stabilizing your fist, applying pressure to... More



Tonfa The tonfa was originally developed in the 15th Century by the Okinawans. The Tonfa was used as a handle in a millstone to grind soybeans and... More

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