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Even the best slingshot bands wear out over time and, they may even snap if used too much. After hundreds of shots, you'll notice that the band seems thinner or stretches out more than it should, which is the perfect time to change it. Don't worry, getting a new slingshot band is easy and installation only takes a few minutes. Having one ready will keep you in the game so that you can continue to have fun with your slingshot.

Rubber Band for your Slingshot

This band consists of high-quality, surgical-grade latex. The material is stretchy enough to help you pull back but strong enough to push your ammo with significant force. Not only that, but latex is very durable. You'll get your money's worth with this band. Even after numerous shots, the latex will maintain its shape without warping.

Slingshot Rubber Band with Ammo

Replacing bands is simple and should only take a minute or two. First, remove the old band by pulling it off the yokes. Be careful not to pull too hard, you don't want the band to snap at you. You can also cut the old one off if you're careful. Then push the new band over the yokes and that's it. You're all done. Your slingshot is ready to use.

Be sure that the sides are equal before using any ammo as this will keep the leather pouch centered when you pull back. Failing to do this might result in poor accuracy or shots going to the side. If you're unsure, then check the sides visually or pull back the pouch and take notice if you feel it going to the left or right.

Speaking of the leather pouch, you'll find it has the same grip you've always loved. The material is soft on the hands but easy to hold between your fingers for proper aiming. Misfires are rare and you should have no issues building power. Take time with your shot, line up your target, and then let your ammo fly.

Along with the band, you'll also want additional steelie shots to use with your slingshot. These little balls are hard, fly fast, and go as far as you need them to. When you want your shots to count, these steelie shots are the ideal ammo. Never aim these at people as they can cause significant harm or injury.

Some of our slingshot band features are:

  • Made from surgical-grade latex, highly durable and powerful shots
  • Leather pouch that makes aiming a breeze
  • Simple to replace. Place it on the yokes and you're ready to go
  • Highly accurate shots with significant power

Every slingshot band will snap or wear out eventually. This band makes the perfect replacement. Not only is it made from high-quality materials, but it will also last a long time. Slip it over the yokes, center the pouch, and you're good to go.

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