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Slingshots are deceptively simple devices that are highly versatile in the right hands. While they are mostly used by hobbyists now, you’ll find that slingshots can be used for target practice, hunting small game and even competitions. Some people even use them for fishing, just attach a line so you can pull up anything you hit. For such a simple device with just one mechanism, you can see how versatile it becomes with a little bit of imagination. No matter what you're looking to do, you want a slingshot that's durable and accurate.

This is a deluxe model that comes with many premium features you’re sure to love. With a compact size that easily fits in your pocket or any bag, an aluminum frame that’s both lightweight and sturdy and a leather pouch that feels great in your hand and will last a long time, this is a slingshot built from the best materials and made to be used over and over again. You’ll find that this model has 100+ yard range, which is ideal in most situations.

Slingshot with Wrist Lock

A folding wrist lock allows you to move the lock into position while keeping the slingshot small and compact. You get more power from the wrist lock, plus it ensures your arm is properly in place whenever you shoot. The folding wrist lock is easy to move around but stays in place when fully extended.

Folding Slingshot

The bands are made from surgical latex. This material is highly flexible, has a great amount of strength and will last for a long time. Band failure is rare with this material, plus it gives you all the strength you want for long-range shots.

The leather pouch is large enough to fit a variety of ammunition types. From steel balls and rocks to other projectiles, you’ll find that the leather pouch is very accommodating. Not only is the size good, but leather is ideal to give you the positive grip needed on these small objects. You don’t want your hand to slip. Leather has just enough tooth to give you a good grip, but not so much that the release is difficult.

Accurate Hunting Slingshot

You’ll find this model is highly accurate. The premium materials ensure that they will not bend after continued use, and the strong latex bands help with a straight flight path towards your intended target whether it's for hunting or for target practice. Whether you’re an expert or this is your first time using a slingshot, you’ll see that your shots hit the target every time.


Just some of our slingshot benefits are: 

  • Made from highly durable and lightweight aluminum
  • Compact design that folds up and is easy to store in any bag or even your pocket
  • Uses surgical latex bands for high strength shots and good durability
  • Leather pouch that is large enough for numerous types of ammunition 

If you want a durable and useful slingshot that has good accuracy and can shoot over 100+ yards, then this is the perfect one for you. It will serve you for a long time, no matter how you intend on using it.

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