Wildfire Pepper Spray

Wildfire 18% pepper spray is hot, hot, hot...18% pepper spray and 2 million scoville heat units. These units come with an injection molded key-chain holster with belt-clip and safety lock. Wildfire comes in two sizes: 1/2 ounce and 1.5 ounce. The 1/2 ounce is available in red, blue, and black. The 1.5 ounce is available in black only. Both models are now available with 18% of pure hotness.

WildFire pepper spray is an inflammatory agent. It will induce coughing, choking and nausea, as well as dilating the eye capillaries resulting in temporary blindness. The mucous membranes will swell to prevent all but life support breathing causing the assailant to be temporarily incapacitated. A one second burst of WildFire pepper spray will stop an attacker for up to 45 minutes without causing permanent damage.

Introducing the new and improved Wildfire. The large version of Wildfire now comes with 18% pepper spray and 3 million scoville heat units instead of the 15% solution and the 2 million Scoville heat units. Now that is HOT!

Pepperspray can not be shipped to New York, Massachusetts. Only 10 % formula pepper sprays can be shipped to Michigan and Wisconsin. Pepper spray products can only be shipped using ground transportation.

Designer Pepper Spray


New Wildfire brand designer pepper spray is 18 % pepper spray and 3 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Making it the hottest pepper spray on the market... More

Wildfire 1/2 ounce pepper spray


Wildfire 1/2 ounce Pocket or Purse Size 18% WildFire Pepper Spray Approximately 6-10 one second bursts. Effective range is 6-8 feet. Available... More

Wildfire 2 Ounce Pepper Spray


Wildfire 2 ounce Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% Pepper Spray - 2oz 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) Approximately 6-10 one second bursts.... More

Wildfire 4 Ounce Pepper Spray

CODE: WF-18-4

Wildfire 4 Ounce Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% pepper spray is hot, hot, hot...18% pepper spray and 3 million scoville heat units. The Wildfire 4 ounce... More

4 oz Pepper Spray Holster


4 Ounce Pepper Spray Holster This nice leatherette holster will fit the Pepper shot 4 ounce model and the 4 oz Wildfire units . More

Wildfire 9 Ounce Pepper Spray

CODE: WF-18-9

Wildfire 9 Ounce Pepperspray Wildfire is the hottest formula of pepper spray on the market with its 3,000,000 SHU it is fast acting on any... More

Wildfire 16oz Pepper Spray

CODE: WF-18-16

Wildfire 16 Ounce Pepper Spray The largest pepperspray available from Wildfire. The Wildfire 18% is the hottest and most effective pepper spray in the... More

Holster for 16 oz Wildfire FireMaster


This holster will hold the 16 ounce Wildfire FireMaster unit.

Pepper Spray Defense Booklet


This 32-page booklet teaches choosing a defense spray, how to carry it, how to shoot it, what to do about multiple assailants, date rape protection, using... More

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