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Are you looking for a self-defense weapon that is easy to carry and conceal? Look no further than our Hidden Pen Knife. This pen looks like any other high-quality pen; however, once you remove the cap, it exposes the hidden knife. If you are looking for a concealed self defense item to protect yourself or your family members, this is it.

Hidden Pen Knife

Assailants prefer to attack an unarmed person who is unable to defend themselves. Our secret pen knife allows you to react quickly and defend yourself against would-be assailants. Slip our pen in your purse, pants or shirt pocket to have a self-defense item nearby. Unlike other self-defense weapons, this hidden pen knife is a functional pen. The hidden pen knife writes wonderfully, making it the perfect self-defense item to have in your home, office, purse or pocket.

The FBI reports that there were approximately 1,250,000 violent crimes in 2017. Violent crimes include robbery, assault, rape, murder, theft, and manslaughter. In many of these crimes, the crime could have been avoided if the victim had a self-defense weapon to protect themselves. Many criminals seek out unarmed individuals who are unable to defend themselves. Our hidden pen knife can help to prevent crimes and keep you safe in the event of an attack.

Red Colored Pen Knife in Hand

The pen knife is available in black, silver, gold, or red. If you are looking for a beautiful pen that functions as a pen and a self-defense pen knife, look no further than this beautiful pen. The knife blade is 2.13 inches long and can save your life if someone accosts you.

Our Hidden Pen Knife offers a number of amazing features, including:

  • Available in black, silver, red, or gold. Each pen has gold accents to make the pen knife look like an expensive ink pen.
  • 2.13 inch long blade - Elegant writing instrument. The pen will become one of your favorites. It feels great in your hand and writes beautifully.
  • Looks great on your desk, in your home or in your pocket.
  • Small size that you can easily carry in your purse, pants or shirt.
  • Sturdy design to prevent the pen knife from breaking.

You can use the blade of the pen knife as a letter opener or a knife. The pen is very lightweight and easy to carry you. When you pull the top off the pen, it reveals the blade. One of the benefits that this hidden pen knife offers is the top prevents you from injuring yourself.

The design allows you to quickly unsheathe the pen to expose the knife. The pen is available in red, black, silver and gold for a high-end looking ink pen. The blade of the hidden pen knife is very sharp and can help you fend off from an unwanted attack.

The ink in the pen will last a long time. This means you will want to carry it with you and use it at your office. Why settle for a cheap ballpoint pen when you can have a gorgeous hidden pen knife that looks like you have spent hundreds of dollars on it?

Our hidden pen knife is the perfect gift for employees, family members, and students. This would make a great gift for graduates, new employees, and students. If you spend time alone or live in a dangerous area, this pen can help to keep you safe and secure. The pen looks like an ordinary pen; however, when you pull it apart, the pen becomes a weapon.

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