Mini Stun Gun

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Mini Bad Ass Flashlight Stun Gun

It is called a Badass for a reason this Flashlight Stun Gun packs a powerful punch with its 15 million volts of pure stopping power. The device has three different ways to deter any assailant; you can temporarily blind them with the super bright flashlight option making it so they will not be able to see the shocking voltage coming their way until it is too late with the stun gun part of the unit and if they still continue to come at you then you can use the stunning device as a baton. The Mini Bad Ass Stun Gun is made out of high quality aircraft aluminum making it almost indestructible.

You can carry this stunning device almost anywhere and no one will ever suspect it is a stun gun because it looks like a flashlight and works like a flashlight.

This mini flashlight has many features:

  • Made of high quality aircraft aluminum
  • Can be used as a flashlight, stun gun or baton
  • 15,000,000 volts of power
  • Rechargeable - Comes with wall charger
  • Size: 9⅜" x 1⅞"
  • 1.30 pounds 

Stunguns cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois*, Rhode Island, Wisconsin*, or Connecticut.

*Can be purchased with FOID/CCW permit.

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