Lipstick Stun Gun

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Whoever said bigger is better never seen anything like this. This Lipstick Stun Gun will prove them wrong with its small design and powerful output of 25 million volts/ 4.1 milliamps of pure shocking power.

The Lipstick stunning device was designed to give women the element of surprise when they are feeling threatened or in an uncomfortable situation, like walking to their cars at night, on a first date or just out with their friends and a man gets a little too nice by the end of the night. No one would ever suspect that the tube of lipstick you are pulling out of your pocket or purse would be a stun gun. Simply pop off the cap of the lipstick and press the button to start the shocking experience of his life while you get away to safety. (Under the cap you will see two buttons one is for the flashlight and the other is to activate the stun gun.)

The Lipstick stun gun is rechargeable it comes with a charger you just plug into the bottom of the unit and then place the other end into the wall outlet. The stungun will hold a full charge for a couple of months. If it has been a while since you have charged it or you just want to make sure your device is still working simple test fire it in the air for a second or two before you leave your home or work.

Lipstick stun gun chargerLipstick Stun Gun Specifications:

  • Rechargeable
  • Size: 5" tall x 1" wide
  • 25 million volts, 4.1 milliamps
  • Flashlight
  • Available in 5 unique colors: Black, Pink, Red, Gold, and Purple

Stun guns cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois*, Rhode Island, Wisconsin*, or Connecticut.

*Can be purchased with FOID/CCW permit.

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