Hairbrush Secret Safe

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This unique hidden home diversion safe is extremely convincing and will blend into the other items into your home without issue. If you are looking for home safety equipment that improves the security of your valuables, this hidden safe is perfect for you. Will fit in around the house, dorm room, in a gym bag, and even in a locker at school.

Simply unscrew the top of the brush and you will find a handy space in which to store valuables. The inner compartment is large enough to hold cash or other small valuable items such as SD cards and USB memory sticks. Use the brush in your hair a few times to add extra realism to this handy home safe product.

Interior dimensions of safe 1" x 3 ¾" 

User report: Tina has been saving for a few months and is planning on buying a very nice gift for her mom’s birthday. Her mom works hard and deserves a treat, but she’s also a bit of a cleaning fanatic. Tina can’t stash her hard-earned money in many places without her mom (or her brothers) finding it. Luckily for Tina, she has this hairbrush hidden safe in which to safely keep the cash. She’s been accumulating her cash in the brush and is close to the amount she needs. She’s even used the brush a few times to make it look even more convincing. 

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