Clock Hidden Compartment Safe


Where do you hide your valuables? No one would ever think to look behind your wall clock.

Wall clock hidden safe opens up to reveal a secret hiding spot. Great spot to hide your special things that a burglar won't think to look in to.

This seemingly ordinary looking wall clock opens to reveal a hidden compartment for your most prized valuables. It’s lined with a soft velvet-like interior to protect even your most delicate of valuables.

There is a total of three separate compartments for your belongings.

The interior compartments are:

  • 2.0 " H x 8.5 " W x 2.0 " D
  • 8.5 " H x 8.5 " W x 2.0 " D

Open the back of the clock on a hinge to access the compartments. The compartments are the entire backside of the clock. This includes two dividers to create the three separate compartments.

The overall dimensions of the clock are 10.23 " H x 10.23 " W x 2.75 " D.

You will also need one AA battery to run the fully functional clock. Open the compartment on the back side to access the battery slot and clock control dial.

Hang this clock on your wall to always know the time. And, hide your most precious belongings

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