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Guard Alaska Bear Spray

Guard Alaska 20% ultra hot bear pepper spray has proven so effective repelling bears, it is registered with the EPA as a repellent for ALL SPECIES of bear!

It is absolutely the most effective and powerful defensive bear spray available today. It is environmentally safe! Does not contain flammable or ozone depleting substances. The formula is scientifically proven superior, and endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation. You need something you can depend on in the woods. Bear pepper spray is an effective deterrent to attacking bears. Treat all bear encounters with extreme caution.


  • 9 ounce supersize with fogger delivery
  • Range: Approximately 15-20 feet
  • Container dimensions: Height: 8.75 inches X Width: 2 inches
  • An Invincible 20% ultra hot pepper spray
  • Environmentally safe: Does not contain flammable or ozone depleting agents.

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