Safety Lights

Safety Lights are a great addition to any situation. Our safety lights are available for your car, pet or personal use. The Safety light collection is perfect to keep in your automobile for emergency situation such as blown out tire, hitting animals, or any type of break down. These lights give oncoming traffic the ability to notice you on the side of the road so there is no further accidents by someone not seeing your car.

Our pet safety lights are a great way to see your animal at night. These lights allow others to see your animal in case of them getting out of the yard late night. Pet safety batteries are also available through this website.

We offer a mini LED flashlight for your personal protection. This mini LED flashlight will help you check out your vehicles before entering them at night and is also convenient to carry in your car in case of break down.

Mini LED Flashlight


Mini Flashlight Mini LED Flashlight is a convenient and inexpensive way to always have a light available where ever you may go. Its Red metal body with... More

Pet Safety Lights


Pet Safety Lights Is your pet's world truly safe? Pet Safety Lights are designed for all pets with owners who care. If you love your pet you will... More

Pet Safety light batteries


12 pack of pet safety light batteries. 12 pack replacement batteries for the pet blinkie light. Always keep an extra set of batteries around to keep... More

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