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Stun Master Multi Purpose Stun Gun


Price: $29.95

Stun Master has added a new multi-function stun gun to its self-defense family. This multi-use stun gun is equipped with everything you need in an emergency situation. It is packed with a shocking 9.5 million volts of pure power, very bright LED Flashlight, red flashing emergency lights and a 110 decibel alarm.

Product Features:Emergency Stun Gun

  • 9.5 million volts
  • Rechargeable
  • LED Flashlight
  • Red Flashing Emergency Light
  • 110 Decibel Alarm
  • Disable pin on wrist strap
  • Dimensions: 4 ¾” x 2.5” x 1
  • FREE Holster Included.

Rechargeable: Say good bye to those expensive batteries. This unit is completely rechargeable and proven tested to deliver its maximum power for up to 800 – 1000 charges.

LED Flashlight: This unit has a LED flashlight located at the top of the device between the shocking probes. It is not like a normal flashlight with a lot of little bulbs or bars it has a reflective cap on which makes the LED bulb even brighter than normal LED lights.

Emergency Light: There are two red flashing lights on each side of the stungun. This function can be used for any emergency situation to draw attention to you by passer byes.

110 Decibel Alarm:Use the 110 decibel alarm on this unit as a deterrent or to get someone's attention fast. This high pitched alarm can be heard up to 6 miles away.

Disable Pin: Always use the wrist strap on this multipurpose stun gun. Attached to the wrist strap is a disable pin; when the disable pin is removed from the stun gun the unit will not work. This safety feature was made to ensure that your assailant would not be able to take the stun gun away from you and use it on you instead.

Holster: Each purchase of this multi functioning stun gun includes a stylish nylon holster.

Stun guns can not be shipped to Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island or Wisconsin. They can not be shipped to the cities of Annapolis MD, Baltimore MD, Baltimore County MD, District of Columbia or Philadelphia PA.

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