Wildfire Cheetah Print - Pink/Black
  • Wildfire Cheetah Print - Pink/Black
  • Cheetah Design - White/Black
  • Cheetah Design defensive spray
  • Wildfire Leopard Print - Purple/Black
  • Leopard Print Defense Spray - Black/White

Designer Pepper Spray


Price: $10.95

New Wildfire brand designer pepper spray is 18 % pepper spray and 3 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Making it the hottest pepper spray on the market today.

These new designs are well recommended by college students everywhere in the US.  They just love the new designer leatherette cases because they fit their hip styles. The college students say "They never leave home without it.

You want to make a fashion statement but you want to be protected as well. Don't compromise your personal safety...accessorize with these fashionable options. These animal prints fit with just about anything and ensures you have the safety and security you need while out and about.

Women's Personal Protection

Mothers, daughters, college students, teens and everyone in between should always carry some form of personal protection with them at all times. A simple but inexpensive self defense spray does the job of immediately stopping an attacker and rendering him incapable of pursuing an attack.

A short blast to the face is all it takes to halt a crime from happening. Best of all, it gives you the time and opportunity to get away and find help. Report any attack to the authorities and give them any details you can remember. Getting the person off the street so they can't harm or go after anyone else is the goal.

Police use this stuff for one good reason: It Works! Ask anyone who has every been exposed to Oleoresin Capsicum how it feels and they will all tell you they never want to experience it again.

Just because it doesn't cost much, doesn't mean it's no good. It's cheap but it's effect is priceless!

Features of the Wildfire Wildlife Print Pepper spray are:

  • 18% Pepper Spray
  • 3,000,000 SHU
  • Contains 6-10 One second burst
  • Effective range of up to 8 feet.
  • Available in Cheetah Print: Black/Pink, Black/White or Black/Yellow
  • Also Available in Leopard Print: Black/Purple or Black/White

Pepperspray can not be shipped to New York, Massachusetts. Only 10 % formula pepper sprays can be shipped to Michigan and Wisconsin.

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