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Stunning Pen

For many, being discrete while knowing you're protected serves as a major bonus. With the new Stun Pen your defense remains unknown as defeat befalls your attacker. Who'd think that a supposed flashlight withheld such a shocking surprise?

Packing a powerful jolt of 1,200,000 Volts, it is the most potent pen type stun gun available. When fired, the stun pen produces an intimidating electrical sound as the bright electric current pulsates across the top of the unit. This stun gun is ensured to protect you with the combined effort of both the sound and the general impact of the volts running through the assailants body. But, it can help to protect you in more than one way.

Along with being a powerful stunning device, this stun pen has a convenient built-in LED flashlight. Its ulterior function adds to the beneficial effect that the stun pen has for its user. Not only will it provide you security with the knowledge that you can defend yourself, the stun pen will offer you light and guidance when you need it.

In addition to offering you protection, you are protected by the precautions taken in the designing of the stun pen. Three levels of safety deterrent were built in to prevent any incidents of accidental discharge. First, the safety cap must be removed. Then, the safety switch must be in the "on" position which will cause a red LED warning light to come on. The final level of safety precautions requires the trigger button to be pressed down. With all of these added safety increments your welfare is at its peak!

This pen stun gun comes with:

  • A built-in rechargeable battery which eliminates the need to buy or replace the batteries.
  • A FREE integrated charger.
  • A FREE Nylon holster with belt loop attachment.

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