Sporting Goods

Our sporting goods page has products such as blowguns, slingshots and accessories for each. These sporting goods are great for kids of all ages.

Blowguns: Blowguns are available in 18, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 70 inch models. The longer the model the farther the range. Along with blowguns we offer a full line of accessories for them such as stun and target darts, paintballs and quivers to carry extra paintballs. We also carry the splatmatic which can convert your blowgun into an semi automatic paintball shooter.

Slingshots: This deluxe slingshot is made of lightweight aluminum which folds down into a compact size and has a range of over 100 yards. We carry all your slingshot needs such as extra ammo and replacement bands.



Blowguns Blowguns have been around for over 40,000 years and are still effective and accurate to this day. It is not known exactly where blowguns... More

Stun Darts for Blowguns


Stun Darts These stun darts work with any length of blow gun. Stun darts are designed to stun not harm pesky yard animals. The stun dart will sting or... More

Target Darts for Blowguns


Target Darts Sharpened wire darts .40 cal endcaps 100 or 250 count packages Target darts are capable of going through a 1/4 inch piece... More



Paintballs Paintballs for blowgun and/or sling shot. Get your game on with your friends with a good old paintball war. Non toxic Water soluble... More

Paint Ball Magazine Quiver


Paintball Magazine Quiver You may wish to add a Paintball Magazine Quiver set to your blowgun. This magazine set allows you to carry up to 80 paint... More

Splamatic Paintball Repeater


Splatmatic Paintball Repeater The Splatmatic accessory transforms any .40 caliber blowgun into a semi-automatic paintball gun. Remove your blowgun... More


CODE: 3704-008

Sling Shot Deluxe slingshot folds down to a compact size and has over 100 yard range. This pocket sized fistfull of power boasts a light aluminum frame... More

Slingshot Extra Band

CODE: 3704-EB

SlingShot Extra Bands Extra band for sling shots. Keep extra bands on hand so you never miss a moment of fun. Contains: One surgical latex... More

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