Pool Alarm

Pool Protector Pool Alarm


Price: $158.95

Having a pool is a great responsibility to the pool owners. You always have to worry about someone falling into the pool when you are not outside. The Pool Protector Pool Alarm will help set your mind at ease when you are cooking, cleaning or just watching your favorite TV episode.

Pool Alarm

The Pool Alarm is designed so one unit is attached to the side of the pool (the sensor) and the other unit is inside the home (the alarm).  If there is motion detected in the pool the unit in the inside of the house will go off to alert you to the motion.  Both units are easily installed. The pool side unit runs off of 2 - 9 Volt batteries (Not Included) which should last up to a year. The remote receiver (house unit) runs off of a 12 volt power supply.

The Remote receiver can receive a signal from the pool sensor from up to 200 ft away.

IMPORTANT: The Pool Protector Pool alarm is not intended to replace any other safety consideration, adult supervision, lifeguards, fences, gates, or locks.   The Pool Alarm may NOT detect gradual entry into the pool.

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