Training Videos

Instructional Fighting Videos on unconventional fighting methods designed to teach you how to not only level the playing field but to give you a distinct advantage in any violent situation where your safety or the safety of a loved one is on the line. These are amazing martial arts videos and fun to watch.

We carry training videos from the greatest fighters of all times. Such as Gregg Wooldridge, Bob Taylor, Shannon Stallard, Jacov Bresler, Chris Clugston, Tom Proctor, Paul Vunak, Nir Mamen, Vladmir Vasiliev, Dale Comstock, Frank Cucci, Jim West, Ben Cooley, Randall Brown and Mark Parra.

Advanced combat tactics


Shannon Stallard - Advanced Combat Tactics Shannon Stallard is a "little guy" he is maybe 5 foot 9 inches, 180 pounds and he doesn't mind one bit being... More

Be The Bodyguard


Gregg Wooldridge - Be The Bodyguard He is near middle age now and has had a lot of time to perfect what he considers the most important skill you can... More

Combat JKD


Combat JKD Every fight is a BAM-BAM and you are done! All your fancy fighting skill won’t earn you an extra second against this devastating... More

Delta Seals Camp


Delta Seals Camp   This is a series of elite combat courses that were hosted by actual Navy SEAL and real U.S. Army DELTA veteran trainers.... More

Ben Cooley-Fighting Mindset | Self Defense DVD


Ben Cooley - Fighting Mindset   Ben Cooley is a professional SWAT Team Trainer and a key member of an elite Federal Tactics Team that protects... More

Jim West | Fight To Win


Jim West - Fight To Win Anyone can talk fighting (and a lot do). But only a real fighter like Jim West can show you how to survive and win in the real... More

Randall Brown | Indian Fighting Skills


Randall Brown - Indian Fighting Skills Randall Brown may be a 12th degree black belt and grandmaster, a 4th degree black belt in Yondan, an expert at... More

Nir Mamen | Israeli Connection


Nir Mamen - Israeli Connection His name is Nir Maman (pronounced "Near"). He's a former Israeli special forces commando and top hand-to-hand combat... More

Paul Vunak | Rapid Assault Tactics DVD


Paul Vunak - Rapid Assault Tactics DVD You may not know much about Paul Vunak... but the SEALS, FBI, and CIA and a dozen police department SWAT teams... More

Vladimir Vasiliev | Russian Fighting System


Vladimir Vasiliev - Russian Fighting System Former Russian SPETSNAZ soldier, Vladimir Vasiliev, wasn't just a normal Spec Op Soldier. Vladimir was so... More

Bob Taylor | Small Man's Advantage Video


Bob Taylor - Small Mans Advantage Bob Taylor was born a little man with a smart mouth and a bad attitude. So he had to learn how to fight - and win.... More

Paul Vunak | Street Safe


Paul Vunak - Street Safe You may not know much about Paul Vunak... but the SEALS, FBI, and CIA and a dozen police department SWAT teams do. He is... More

Frank Cucci | Unarmed Combat Course


Frank Cucci - Unarmed Combat Course Frank Cucci is a pioneer in developing new, simplified hand-to-hand fighting systems for the Navy SEALS. 12 years... More

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